The Future and Carbon

On Friday 24th January, 20 Year Seven and Eight students took part in our second Rumble Museum Breakfast Talk, delivered by James Ochiltree from the Oxford Low Carbon Hub. The Low Carbon Hub is a social enterprise that works with communities to help them reduce their energy use and switch to renewable energy supplies.


James started the talk by introducing some of the key statistics behind climate change and carbon emissions, looking at how the planet has been heating up over a period of time, and how things that we do in our daily lives, ranging from car and plane travel to meat and palm oil consumption, add to the carbon in the atmosphere. The group explored what sort of things can be done to reduce emissions, such as electric cars and buses, and eating less meat and processed foods. They found out more about the sort of work the Low Carbon Hub did, including, for example, installing solar panels on the roof of J Block at Cheney!

He ended the session by asking everyone to write three actions they could take in their daily lives to reduce carbon, which could be put in a place where they would see it every day, such as a phone case or blazer pocket.

We are very grateful to James for taking the time to visit us and talk about his very important work. Our next breakfast talk will be on 7th February when Dr Robert Esnouf comes to talk about A.I. and the future!

























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